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Every year the Windham Garden Club looks forward to bringing you our truly awesome Plant Sale!  It always has been a real pleasure for us to greet so many residents and share our love of beautiful plants. However, this year is different.  While we have the plants – we’ve been growing them since last year! – we can’t have the large gathering at Town Hall we normally do.  It would be impossible to keep social distancing at such an event and who knows what the guidelines will be then.  

So, we have decided to have a VIRTUAL Plant Sale at the same time as usual – the week before Memorial Day.   We cannot have it earlier since the plants need to break dormancy and grow before they can be sold.  (it is New England, after all!) 

The way it will work is that we will list our plants with pictures, descriptions and prices online and you will be able to order them online.  Payment will be by PayPal and your plants will be delivered to your driveway by a club member with appropriate PPE.  There will be no personal contact.  

Stay tuned for notification in the Windham Independent for when the plant list will go up and the secure website address (Not available yet – we are still working on it!).  We target posting it up on 16 May 2020 with instructions on how to order, pay, and receive delivery.  We anticipate the listing being up for at least a week to 10 days.  BUT you will need to order early, since it is first come, first served.  As always, our prices are better than competitive but there are limited quantities of everything. 

Stay safe and keep gardening!

WGC Plant Sale Committee
Windham, NH