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WGC Raffle Winners!

Thank you to everyone who purchases tickets to support the our Baker Grant and Nancy Surette Scholarships.

A Touch of Garden Magic!
Pauline R.
A Very Berry Strawberry Hanging Basket
Linda A.
American Songbirds
Jerry J.
Barbara C.
For the Birds!
Annelise P
Gardeners Delight!
Jill W.
Gardener’s Tools
Lisa S.
Grace and Elegance
Elizabeth B.
Hanging Fuchsia Plant
Tracey L.
Hanging Geranium Plant
Bonnie C.
Heavenly Blue Eyes Daylily
Lisa S.
Cheri M.
Kids Gardening!
Angela T.
Lavender Love!
Robin H.
Let’s Dance Rhythmic Blues Hydrangea
Cassandra M.
Pink Suede Hues Daylily
Charlene A.
Plants and Wine Make Everything Fine!
Jessica S.
Relax and UnWine’d!
Cheryl H.
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Congratulations To Our Raffle Winners!

We would like to congratulate the following winners:

Strawberry Planter : Gabor T.
Order number 1093

Bloom Where You Are Planted: Karen P.
Order Number: 868

Bush Goliath Beefsteak Tomato: Patricia D.
Order Number: 1389

Husker Red Cherry Tomato: Pauline R.
Order Number: 1084

Hanging Plant Basket:  Kathleen H.
Order Number: 1484

Garden Kneeler and Seat: Cathy J.
Order Number: 1333

Garden Smiles Basket:  Dina G.
Order Number: 1092

Gardeners Delight! Basket:  Paula J.
Order Number: 1387

Helpful Aids for the Gardener: Suzan M.
Order Number: 1486

Herb Your Enthusiasm!: Siri W.
Order Number: 1356

Herbalicious!:  Cheri M.
Order Number: 1487

Love to Garden! Basket: Pearl N.
Order Number: 1047

Painted Tile “Rebirth”: Roberta H.
Order Number: 1191

Pesto Party!:  Shirlee D.
Order Number: 1461

Window Box Planter 1: Heather A.
Order Number: 1187

Window Box Planter 2: Suzan M.
Order Number: 1486

Sedum Turtle: Cheri M.
Order Number: 1487