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Windham Garden Club Learns about Gardening with Herbs

On Thursday, November 17th, the Windham Garden Club (the “WGC”) met at the Town Hall for two and a half hours to learn about herb gardening in New Hampshire. 

The presentation covered various herbs – both common and uncommon – that can grow in New Hampshire, along with detailed:

  • Growing tips for the herb;
  • Culinary uses for the herb;
  • Claimed medical uses for the herb;
  • Historical facts about the herb, including traditions and superstitions;
  • Common pests;
  • Garden organization; and
  • Propagation methods.

My favorite fact shared during the event is that:  according to legend, if there is a thriving rosemary plant in front of the house, a strong woman runs the household.  I know the first thing I will be planting in the spring!  We also learned that the hollow petioles from the lovage plant make good straws for a Bloody Mary. 

Some of the herbs we discussed in particular were: parsley, basil, sweet woodruff, borage, calendula, chamomile, chives, coriander, comfrey, anise hyssop, basil, bay, bee balm, dill, fennel rue, lavender, lemon verbena, lovage, mint, rosemary, sage, stinging nettle, thyme, and yarrow.   

The WGC organized the program through the University of New Hampshire Extension Speaker’s Bureau.   Our lecturer, Sarah Marcoux:    

Sarah Marcoux
  • Has delivered presentations as part of the University of New Hampshire Extension Speaker’s Bureau since 2017, lecturing around the state at garden clubs, libraries, and other venues;
  • Has been a master gardener since 2016; 
  • Is the mother of the youngest master gardener in New Hampshire; and
  • Volunteers for the UNH Extension Free Seeds for Education program, which donates seeds to educational groups to teach the science and importance of plants.

The Windham Garden Club’s mission is bringing together people who are interested in all aspects of gardening, horticulture, and conservation.  Membership meetings run September through June on the third Thursday of the month in the evening and are open to the public. The WGC also decorated a holiday tree, which you can see on display in the Town Commons.        

Be sure to join the WGC at one of its upcoming meetings:

  • January 20 – “The Heirloom Gardener” by author and garden historian John Forti.  Zoom
  • February 17 – “State of the Loon – The Natural History, Challenges, and Successes of Loons in New Hampshire” by biologist Harry Vogel.  Windham Town Hall
  • March 17 – “Exploring Nature’s Ability to Teach and Heal!” by Lisa Burris, Executive Director of Turn Back Time, a nature education program. 
  • April 21 – “Attracting Birds, Bees and Butterflies to Your Yard” by Betty Sanders, a lifetime Master Gardener. 

Membership in the Windham Garden Club is open to gardeners of all levels and is only $20.  If you are interested in joining, visit or email 

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