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Windham Garden Club Resumes In-Person Meetings, Hears from Rose Garden Expert

On Thursday, September 16th, the Windham Garden Club (the “WGC”) held its first meeting of the 2021 – 2022 membership year.  Although members had met outside for WGC activities such as the Club’s Annual Plant Sale last May, this was the first in-person membership meeting since February 2020. 

Members and their guests gathered at the Town Hall for a presentation on “Winterizing Your Roses” by Teresa Mosher, a local rose expert, who:

  • Served as President of the New England Rose Society for 12 years.
  • A Horticulture Rose Judge
  • Is a Master Rosarian for the American Rose Society (certified by the American Rose Society as an expert who can provide free advice on roses; if you are interested in speaking with a Consulting or Master Rosarian to advise on your roses, visit the American Rose Society website at or New England Rose Society,
  • Is the author of “A Year In My Rose Garden”; and How Roses Touch Our Lives.
  • Has over forty years of experience with roses, and over 250 roses and thousands of perennials in her garden.   

Teresa Mosher

Attendees at the WGC September meeting learned:

  • Differences between varieties of roses;
  • How to carefully select appropriate roses for our region;
  • How to plant the rose depending on whether the plant has been grafted; and
  • How to protect the different varieties of roses from harsh winter winds. 

The Windham Garden Club’s mission is bringing together people who are interested in all aspects of gardening, horticulture, and conservation.  Membership meetings run September through June on the third Thursday of the month in the evening and are open to the public.     

Be sure to join the WGC at one of its upcoming meetings:

  • October 21 – “Gardening is Murder”.  A humorous presentation by Neal Sanders on the “spouse’s point of view” on gardening.  Windham Town Hall
  • November 18 – A hands-on workshop to create holiday decorations.
  • January 20 – “The Heirloom Gardener” by author and garden historian John Forti.  Zoom
  • February 17 – “State of the Loon – The Natural History, Challenges, and Successes of Loons in New Hampshire” by biologist Harry Vogel.  Windham Town Hall
  • March 17 – “Exploring Nature’s Ability to Teach and Heal!” by Lisa Burris, Executive Director of Turn Back Time, a nature education program. 
  • April 21 – “Attracting Birds, Bees and Butterflies to Your Yard” by Betty Sanders, a lifetime Master Gardener. 

Membership in the Windham Garden Club is open to gardeners of all levels and is only $20.  If you are interested in joining, visit or email

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Soil Amendments:

Our member Margaret toured a garden in Wells Maine that was fabulous! The plants were in beautiful condition, which the owner attributed to her work with soil. As the saying goes “gardeners build soil first, then plants!”

This is her soil recipe, which she shared.

Wells Corner Garden

Spring Soil Prep

To each wheelbarrow of good quality compost, add:

• 1 ½ gallons alfalfa pellets
• 1-gallon bonemeal
• ½ gallon of commercial 19-19-19 fertilizer

Mix together and spread evenly to depth of 1- 1 1/2 inches. Fork in before planting or use as top dressing on established perennials and shrubs.

If applying to acid-loving plants, mix 50/50 with peat.